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"Be a yardstick of quality.
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-Steve Jobs

About Us

As a boutique public relations agency, we have made a conscious decision to be a small giant. Not the biggest, but the very best at what we do. Our success lies in our exclusivity, our passionate involvement and the pursuit of excellence in all that we do for our clients.

TSC Johannesburg is a leading boutique public relations agency representing some of South Africa’s most prestigious brands across sectors such as insurance and financial services, healthcare, marketing and advertising, professional services, logistics, training and education, data management, consumer products and public benefit organisations.

Established in 2000, TSC has longstanding relationships with a blue-chip client base. Excellent media relations and in-house writing capability have delivered publicity and marketing communications campaigns that positively impact bottom line, far exceed return on investment and open doors to new customer relationships for our clients. Our commitment to professional delivery plays a crucial role in achieving the overall marketing objectives for our clients.

Practice Areas

  • Financial Services, Insurance (short term, life)
  • Healthcare funding
  • Education and Training
  • ICT
  • Media, Advertising and Direct Marketing
  • Trade and Logistics
  • Public Benefit, non-profit
  • Consumer
  • Professional Services and Bodies, Industry Associations
  • Retail
  • Exhibitions
  • Industrial



"A lie gets halfway around the world
before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
– Winston Churchill

Our Services

Public Relations

Public relations is more than just media relations and positive publicity. While this is crucial, effective public relations is about broader communications strategies – ones that tackle media, stakeholders, community, employees and consumers. It’s about integration of all marketing strategies to deliver the best possible results for clients in line with a comprehensive communications strategy that defines desired outcomes. There is no business, irrespective of size, that will not benefit from positive public relations. No matter the size of your business, public relations will play a pivotal role in your stakeholder relations and is the single most cost-effective means of influencing the opinions and perceptions that stakeholders have of your organisation. At TSC, we believe that words have tremendous power. They can make or break an organisation and so, risk management of all your communications is our priority.

Marketing Communications

TSC specialises in marketing communications, the creation of written, visual and audio messages used to communicate with a market. Where necessary, we partner with specialists in areas such as graphic and web design, direct marketing, sponsorship, sales promotion and online and social media marketing, pulling it all together in one coordinated, synergised campaign.

Media training and crisis management

We will show you how to communicate effectively with the media in any given circumstance. Our training teaches you how to identify a news story, what makes news and what does not, how to handle an interview in friendly or hostile environments, understanding the journalist's approach, how to get your message across succinctly and accurately, how to focus on talking points, getting the most of your media opportunity, the difference between various media formats and how to handle each one, the difference between live and recorded interviews, what to wear, what not to say in an interview and so on. This training is critical for anyone who may have to handle a press interview and present the public face of your company - in good times and in bad.

Our media training is designed to help you field media queries, create media interest and excitement, as well as deal with emergencies and unexpected crises. There are many reasons to develop your media skills and the benefits to your business of having a well prepared spokesperson are immeasurable. Make sure you are confident and capable to handle the press.

We work with some of the most seasoned media veterans in the country who will put you through your paces and show you how to handle everything that can be thrown at you during an interview. Learn the techniques that will position you as someone who is knowledgeable and can articulate your thoughts with passion and conviction.

Events Management and Conferencing

TSC is adept at creating events that are inspiring and exciting. We provide events that range from full-on theatrical, experiential presentations to corporate, educational seminars with top class speakers and presenters. We do the full bells and whistles launch to simply providing a keynote speaker or MC to leave a memorable impression. We work with all measure of budgets and objectives to surpass expectations and deliver a service that is unrivalled in the market, whatever your eventing needs may be.

We have delivered corporate events for organisations including the likes of SABC’s launch of the emotionally charged “The Voice of Nelson Mandela” CD through to the prestigious DMASA Assegai Awards, the Rand Show press and exhibitor launches, the SA Association of Freight Forwarder’s Congresses, fully self-funded seminars and conferences, corporate golf days and various product, service and consumer magazine launches.

We offer a turnkey events management service that is custom-designed to fit the client’s culture and strategic objectives. We understand that events are part of an integrated marketing communication plan, and most importantly are responsible for accentuating the corporate and brand character. We are particularly adept at handling the cultural, ethnic and diplomatic requirements of South Africa’s multicultural market place and our events are designed to create impact and longevity in the minds of consumers and stakeholders.

All our events are complemented by strategic marketing communications and media strategies developed by our PR division. The TSC team is committed to producing relevant strategic work, skilful implementation of campaigns and events with impactful results and meaningful benchmarking.

Social Media Management

From providing content that is relevant, powerful, engaging and representative of your brand philosophy, to ensuring that you have a trustworthy and competent individual handling enquiries and representing your brand – social media marketing is a full time job!

The bottom line is that unless you have a full time person dedicated to this activity, it’s likely to fall by the wayside, lacking in the creativity and focus needed to make it a worthwhile exercise supporting business objectives

Social media marketing takes time, expertise and a relentless focus on building and engaging communities. In fact, from a human capital perspective, you don’t get a more expensive marketing activity!

And as much as social technologies have been capturing marketers’ imaginations since the emergence of the internet, they’ve all too often been deployed in a silo as experiments that are separate from traditional marketing. As simple channels to consumers, they need to be approached in exactly the same way as any traditional marketing channels as part of a master marketing strategy.

Like in other media forms, we cannot adopt a one-size-fits all approach to media application. Each one of your audiences will have a different penchant for social media technologies as they do for traditional media. The manner in which media pioneers such as newspapers, magazines and radio have embraced the use of social and digital media should be a lesson for marketers in terms of integrating and leveraging, rather than replacing.

As a leading communications agency, we’re in a prime position to help you develop an integrated approach to your social media strategy that fully integrates with your traditional marketing and PR activity. We help you generate great content, engage and interact with your followers and implement and manage campaigns for your brand across channels such as Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and so on. At the same time, we manage and avoid the temptation to be brand schizophrenic when faced with such a diversity of media channels.

We firmly believe that there is nothing random or detached about managing social media marketing. Compelling content takes time, effort and planning. And with the finger on the pulse of your PR and marketing activity, we’re in a prime position to drive this for you.

With a carefully planned approach, we’ll identify your primary audiences, research the best channels, develop policy and strategy documents to guide the implementation thereof, and deliver a social media strategy that is optimally integrated with your traditional marketing and communications activities.

We’ll monitor all your social media platforms to ensure that content and engagements are timeous, responsive and well-planned, allowing for a coordinated effort of proactive and planned engagements supported by responsive, reactive and tactical efforts where appropriate. Well-structured content schedules mean your social media strategy will be underpinned by rich and relevant content, visuals and multimedia that build online communities and fast track engagement.

Because when it comes to your brand reputation and delivering to your stakeholders, nothing should ever be random and left to chance. Speak to us today about our social media management services for your brand.

Case Studies

AON - South Africa

Project: Post Acquisition Brand Building Campaign

In the insurance category characterised by well-established brands with massive marketing spend, Aon is a relatively new entrant. After the acquisition of Glenrand MIB in 2011, a huge task lay ahead in entrenching the brand, phasing out Glenrand MIB and growing Aon brand awareness. The PR campaign embarked upon from Jan to Dec 2012 to drive proactive exposure and increase media share of voice is an outstanding example of consistent and strategic corporate communications. It demonstrates the importance of having an agency with a deep understanding of insurance markets and strong in-house writing competence, writing about complex issues in simple language. It’s an outstanding example of what can be achieved when agency and internal marketing speak from the same hymn sheet.

After the acquisition, the task of entrenching the newly merged entity began. We understood that our communications could directly affect the long term success of the acquisition for stakeholders. The acquisition created unique opportunities for Aon - enlarged client base, expanded/new offerings, new markets, efficiencies of economies of scale, a better competitive outlook in an increasingly hostile market, etc. But we were aware that we had to address the usual vagaries of post M&A activity including client and staff churn and market uncertainty.

Aon had low local awareness and brand traction. Globally, it’s a well-known with the name famously emblazoned across the chests of Manchester United’s players. But few locally knew what the group did in any detail. In contrast, Glenrand was aggressive in terms of brand building through brand and product advertising, sponsorships and PR.

Our challenge over the months ahead lay in the successful integration of the businesses, delivery on our promises to clients and staff, managing our market position, avoiding becoming internally focused, and taking the risk of any customer confusion out of the equation to avoid competitors taking advantage.

Research was undertaken by Yellowwood in terms of an Aon brand health survey. These findings guided the direction we took for our communications strategy. In essence the research revealed:

  • Limited knowledge of Aon in key markets, coupled with limited understanding of the value proposition.
  • Confusion among clients of the brand promise – common after a major acquisition.
  • This does not mean that the brand was disliked, it is just unknown and presents an opportunity for growth.
  • Aon needed to create more distance between itself and other broker brands such as Forbes, particularly within its newly enlarged client base.
  • Aon needed to transfer the equity embedded in the brands it had acquired to the Aon brand.

We needed to create overall awareness, build brand equity and then demonstrate depth of offering in tailored communication to each market segment. As part of our planning we needed to:

  • Redefine the newly merged entity with media, clients, colleagues and communities.
  • Consolidate communications activities to present a unified, consistent approach unique to and immediately recognisable as Aon.
  • Consolidate the websites and marketing materials across the entire business – a massive task.
  • Define the extensive solution offering across industries and consumers sectors.
  • Position as a solutions-driven thought leader, rather than a product provider.
  • Entrench the value of the advisor in an environment where direct insurers have masses of advertising budget.
  • Demonstrate the value of marketing internally.

Measurement Criteria

  • Build increased awareness and market presence
  • Build better quality of awareness among clients
  • Transfer equity from legacy brands to Aon brand
  • Stabilise client and staff relationships.
  • Development of sub-strategies across all the business units. Identified spokespeople and assessed media-facing competence.
  • Identified target markets and solution needs per unit.
  • Identified key media across general business, finance, niche trades and consumer sectors.
  • Identified unique angles, opinion/analysis and commentary on current affairs, research and claims stats to be formulated into media messaging on a proactive basis.
  • Tapped into global content and white papers.
  • Crisis and issues management – legacy and inherited issues needed to be dealt with to minimise negative impact on the brand.
  • Features targeting.
  • Interviews and media one-on ones – developed personal media relationships.
  • Revamp of the entire business website and content.
  • Revision of all brochure/newsletter content, sell sheets etc.
  • Identification of sector related events and exhibitions.
  • Client mailers and advisories where required – direct, personalised communications.
  • Input into strategy and policy development, sponsorship and CSI.
  • 216 pieces of unique marketing materials produced across brochures, releases, media interviews, client mailers etc.
  • Average of 18 marketing communications deliverables every month.
  • 108 unique press releases developed - with minimal client edits required.
  • An average of 8.5 unique articles per month.
  • 468 unique published/broadcast pieces
  • 39 - average no of published pieces about Aon per month
  • Average of 1.3 published articles every day during 2012
  • R9.7million – actual Rand value (1:1) of earned media exposure for Aon

Share of voice analysis of competitors - Jan to Aug 2012

  • Brokerages analysed: Aon, Alexander Forbes, Willis, Marsh, NMG, JLT.
  • As provided by Newsclip, the coverage analysis shows that Aon dominated almost 50% of all earned media space allocated across all six competitors. This is an incredible feat for an organisation that came in with virtually no awareness in the local South African market, versus our nearest competitors that have been active in the local market for many years. We fully expected that we would perform well but we certainly did not expect to take the no.1 position in terms of share of voice as quickly or decisively as we did. Our coverage was spot on in terms of the media profile targeted and the reach of desired target audiences.
  • Competitor share of voice as follows:
    • Aon: 48%
    • Alexander Forbes: 43%
    • Marsh: 5%
    • NMG: 2%
    • Willis: 1%
    • JLT: 1%
  • Important to note that the vast coverage of Alexander Forbes during 2012 is based on the sale of its risk business to Marsh, and not out of proactive media relations.
  • Aon brokers regularly receive feedback from industry colleagues and clients regarding the high quality of their coverage and commentary.

Since the announcement of the acquisition through to end 2012, there have been no client losses to speak of and Aon continues to sign up some of the most prestigious local and international brands as clients and attract and retain many of the most talented people in the industry.

In terms of the broking landscape, Aon moved from a market position of No.7 in 2010, to No.1 position by end 2012. Today, Aon is the largest brokerage in South Africa in terms of its client base, premium income and number of employees. Not a single day goes by that Aon does not appear somewhere in the media on a positive and proactive basis regarding insurance or risk consulting. Backed by the growing presence in social media, an established brand and personal lines advertising campaign, key sponsorships and CSI initiatives, Aon has one of the most comprehensive marketing communications strategies out of all the competitor brokerages in SSA. 2013 will present important benchmarking opportunities now that the major broker consolidations have been completed in the industry to assess who steps up their game to dominate mind, market and voice share.

Meet The Team

Teresa Settas

Teresa Settas - Managing Director

Teresa established the agency in 2001 as a turnkey, boutique PR shop with a passionate belief in the power of integrated marketing communications to make things happen. Her love of business development and entrepreneurship is one of the reasons why every client account and project becomes a personal journey for her to invest in as if it were her own. Teresa has extensive experience in both large PR agency and JSE-listed corporate communications environments working on some of the top insurance, human capital consulting, technology, professional services, non-profit and consumer brands. Never one to take life too seriously, she’s committed herself to ensuring that the agency is known as a small giant and avoids all the trappings of business bureaucracy and office politics. She has never worked a day in her’s all been fun!

Favourite quote:“You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.” - Malcolm X
Philosophy in life:I always take life with a grain of a slice of lemon...and a shot of tequila.
Favourite one liner:“Ever notice how 'WTF' is always the right answer?”

Deidre Beylis

Deidre Beylis - Account Director

Deidre is passionate about communication and believes that every brand, no matter how large or small, has a ‘voice’ that ought to be heard. She brings years of experience to the table and has worked on many diverse corporate and NGO brands across consumer, property, technology, insurance, human capital and child protection. Deidre strongly believes that humour is all about intellectual perspective and that some things in life are really important, others not; and that the two kinds are oddly jumbled together in everyday life. With a somewhat warped sense of humour, Deidre is legendary in the office for her one liners and funny quips, always with a straight face. She is not a morning avoid early meetings with Deidre!

Favourite quote:“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene
Philosophy in life:Everyone is normal, until you get to know them, then you realise we’re all a little insane.
Favourite one liner:"I hate morning people."

Nadine Nagel

Nadine Nagel - Projects & Events Manager

Nadine joined the agency in 2007 and has excelled in her role to become the head of TSC’s projects and events division. She is a resolute professional when it comes to events management and conceptualisation, with an eagle eye when it comes to detail. Methodical and organised, there is nothing haphazard about Nadine and she is known by her colleagues and clients for having the patience of a saint. From small networking events to complex functions with hundreds of guests and stakeholders, Nadine’s calm and calculated approach is legendary and a major contributor to TSC’s stellar reputation in this field. An artist at heart, Nadine is passionate about oil-painting, enjoys reading (when she has the chance) and loves baking (much to the delight of her work colleagues).

Favourite quote:“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs
Philosophy in life:Life is not sugar coated. No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it.
Favourite one liner:“The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

Thuli Sikhosana

Thuli Sikhosana - Account Support

Thuli started at TSC in 2010 in an office support role, but it soon became evident that there was a lot more untapped talent and enthusiasm behind her reserved exterior. We also soon discovered that her reserved exterior was just a sterling front for a bubbly, vivacious and somewhat mischievous wannabee PRO. With her enthusiasm and obvious people skills, Thuli dived into the communications world head first and was soon assisting the team on client accounts and media liaison. Her lack of formal qualifications in marketing and PR have certainly not held her back and with the mentorship of a committed team of colleagues, Thuli is learning the PR ropes at a rapid rate. She is an invaluable support on various client accounts and especially on events and projects. Her love of learning has pushed her beyond the boundaries of what she initially believed herself to be capable of, to become a confident and valued team player ready to take on new challenges.

Favourite quote:One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.
Philosophy in life:Mistakes are the stepping stones to mastery.
Favourite one liner:“If you want a pretty nurse, you have to be a patient.”

"Quality is never an accident;
it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction
and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

Our Clients

Client Testimonials

Keith Wiser, Founder and MD, 5th Dimension

I have had the pleasure of working with TSC in two capacities. Firstly, as a member of the DMA’s Assegai Awards steering committee and secondly with my own company, 5th Dimension. I would describe TSC’s work as fast, effective, results focused and value for money. What else could you want from a service provider !”

Finola Quarsingh, East Coast Radio - Public Relations Officer

Working with Teresa Settas Communications has been a fantastic experience. They are an immensely professional and results driven consultancy that prides themselves on innovative communications solutions."

Michelle Perrow, Strategic Director - Lesoba Difference, Board Member – DMASA, Appeals Board Member – ASA

I have had the pleasure of working with TSC for the past 8 years during which time they have added immense value both my organisation, Lesoba Difference, as well as to the Direct Marketing Association where I am the Board Member responsible for the Marketing Portfolio. For Lesoba Difference, TSC has undertaken a range of work – from building my personal profile within the marketing industry to promoting our specialist direct marketing business. Led by Teresa Settas, a dynamic, professional and dedicated leader, TSC has achieved outstanding results and can be proud of the positive role they have played in our business success. This success can also be seen within the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa when Teresa started working with them from their re-establishment in 2005. She has been an important part in the massive success the DMA has achieved in becoming the foremost marketing association in SA. The huge successes of the Assegai Awards are testimony to her all-round excellence and professionalism. Teresa has a unique ability that enables her to “find the hot buttons”, interpret sometimes complex subject matter, simplify this and deliver it to various publics in a simple, coherent and promotional manner. Her communication talks easily and succinctly to readers. TSC work tirelessly, add value to every meeting, have never missed a deadline and are quick and efficient in their delivery. This “gem” PR and Communications Company – can “pull rabbits out the hat”, organise magical functions, mobilise a market around a serious and profound subject, can work through the night and still smile and can definitely add value to any business that they become involved in. I wish them continued success!

Brian Mdluli, CEO of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa

"I have worked with Teresa for 5 years now and Teresa's work ethic contributes to the success of all the projects we embark on together".

David Logan, CEO South African Association of Freight Forwarders

“Teresa Settas Commmunications has event managed our last three Congresses and I can unequivocally say that thanks to their dedication to the project and high quality of service we received, all three were extremely successful. I would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone considering organising an event or conference.”

Yvonne Stiglingh, Head of: Fund Development & Communication, National Office SA, SOS Children’s Villages.

At SOS children’s villages, we are delighted with how well the team at TSC has got to know our business and the level of commitment we get from them, nothing is ever too much to ask for and they are indeed an extension of our business. We enjoy very creative discussions with them and they always ensure that any goals we have are met in terms of PR and media. The team at TSC certainly puts forward thought provoking and interesting articles on varied topics for SOS in all areas media.

Donna Fitzsimmons Marketing and Communication Manager, Cartrack South Africa

Cartrack have been working with Teresa Settas Communication for the past few months and they have been a great company to deal with. They are very knowledgeable of the industry and always respond to all of our queries promptly and to a very high standard. They will always try go the extra mile.

Liza Kok – Aon South Africa

“TSC is Absolutely Awesome – you would be stupid not to use them!”

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